Jun 16, 2016

There is one thing that Brian Bement doesn’t lack and that is confidence. The PRFC rookie walks tall and plays hard the entire 90 minutes, putting his body on the line for a win. This is something that he learned from his grandfather, who taught him that you never give up no matter how difficult the situation gets.

Bement was a star at Loyola University, where he helped the team win the Horizon League in 2011 and to a second place finish in 2012. He was also a fan favorite off the field because of his antics on social media. This motivated his friend, Sea Murray, to create the hashtag #SwagLikeBement to encapsulate Bement’s confidence, playing style and overall attitude towards life. This hashtag was so popular that fans brought signs of it to the games to show their support for the Forward.

His music taste also reflects his personality and ranges in every direction. Bement’s fun and joyful side is reflected by Blink 182, and his brash playing style by Eminem. His favorite movies are also a reflection of his life philosophies: Rudy and Shawshank Redemption are about overcoming incredible odds and never loosing hope, just like Brian’s grandfather taught him.

For Brian the present is his proudest moment as a soccer player. He signed his first ever professional contract with PRFC and will do whatever it takes to get the win. Hopefully, we will all be chanting “SWAG LIKE BEMENT” come fall season.

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