Jun 8, 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico- Puerto Rico FC midfielder Jorge Rivera has joined the Puerto Rico National Team as they prepare for a friendly match against Indonesia on June 13.

“It’s a great feeling to wear once again the colors of my country. Our island needs more football and more matches,” said Rivera before training with the smile that has always distinguished him.

The 21-year-old is one of the most promising prospects Puerto Rico has produced, and in the last two Puerto Rico FC matches the coaching staff has shown confidence in him. Enough to call his number up as a starter and a sub.

“I’m very happy with the opportunity the coaching staff is giving me. I’m working really hard to be able to play and to help my team which above all is the most important thing.”

Rivera, who is better known by his fans as Georgie, believes that there is still a long road ahead, but he is clear on what he has to do.

“I need to keep working hard. Marco has talked to me and has been clear in that I’m doing the right things but that more is expected of me and that I have to work harder so the opportunities keep on coming.”


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